KDCalc allows you to design and develop applications and business logic in Microsoft ExcelŽ and then generate HTML, JSP, and ASPX pages which mimic the functionality of Excel. However, the most common use of KDCalc is in enterprise applications. KDCalc allow you to execute Excel spreadsheet models in server applications, free from the scalability and throughput limitations of Excel. KDCalc consists of an Excel plug-in and a high-speed, light-weight runtime calculation engine for the Java and .NET platforms. KDCalc supports over 200 Excel functions and has a simple API. KDCalc can be used in any type of Java or .NET technology application from Java applets, servlets, and EJB(TM) servers to .NET ASPX pages, web forms, windows forms, and console applications.
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Magnesium adds an unparalleled level of functionality and interactivity to your Flash projects. From business applications to games, this versatile library of Flash components allows you to quickly create custom GUIs while maintaining small file sizes and fast loading times. Customization is a snap with fully skinnable components that support custom graphics, animations, and transitions.
Simulation is the most powerful way to learn. KDSimStudio gives you the power to quickly and easily create interactions to simulate your business scenarios, with learning experiences tailored to your markets, your products, your customers, and your way of doing business.

KDSimStudio offers a visual drag-drop environment lets you simulate sales meetings, interviews, employee evaluations, call centers, virtually any kind of interpersonal interaction. No Programming is needed and you can publish to the Web or your LMS in seconds.
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