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Magnesium adds an unparalleled level of functionality and interactivity to your Flash projects. From business applications to games, this versatile library of Flash components allows you to quickly create custom GUIs while maintaining small file sizes and fast loading times. Customization is a snap with fully skinnable components that support custom graphics, animations, and transitions.

Beneath the versatile graphics is an object-oriented architecture with a Java-style event model. Non-programmers can easily embed and configure components with simple ActionScript commands while more advanced users can create and integrate new components into the Magnesium library. Complementing the robust set of GUI components is a JS Adapter that simplifies JavaScript communication and eliminates cross-platform compatibility hassles.

The Magnesium library includes components for easy integration with the KD software suite to create stunning GUIs for sophisticated business applications.

Included Components
  • Button
  • Panel
  • Label (single and multiline)
  • Text Field
  • Scrollbar
  • List Box
  • Drop-Down List Box
  • Check Box
  • Radio Button
  • Text Area
  • Dialog
  • Toggle Button
  • Plus Borders, Graphics, Masks, and more!
  • JavaScript Adapter
  • Focus Manager
  • Formatting Logic
  • Radio Button Group
    future components
  • Pie Graph
  • XY Graph
  • Line Graph
  • XML Data Parser