Business Simulation Demo:

EDS manages the mission-critical business systems of thousands of clients around the world. Performance in these systems directly affects profitability of both EDS and its clients and disruptions can cost millions of dollars.

To ensure that EDS Production Environment Managers provide unparalleled service excellence to their clients, EDS called upon Knowledge Dynamics to develop this simulation-based learning experience. The learner is challenged to lead a virtual team in responding to a service crisis. To learn more about this simulation and to view an introduction to EDS' training, click here.

Surgical Simulation Demo:

Welcome to a new breed of Interactive Medical Training that allows medical professionals to practice new procedures on the web. Simulation-based training delivers consistent competence to large audiences, free from the cost and scheduling constraints of clinical training techniques. This simulated spinal procedure integrates the Simulation and Artificial Intelligence capabilities of Knowledge Dynamics with 3D visualizations from Illumen Studios.

Click here to begin the procedure.

Business Simulation Demo:

Knowledge Dynamics proudly presents a new breed of high caliber online Business Simulations with the introduction of Break-Even Analysis. You play the role of a beginning finance professional in a fictitious lawnmowing manufacturer named Tanro who has to help make business critical decisions. Along the way you will learn some basic fundamentals of finance through our interactive agents. Play by clicking on the link above.

Breakeven Analysis illustrates the use of many of our products in tandem. KDCalc is used for the simulation logic while the Discourse Engine provides for the intelligent agents. Our java framework, jaspi, provides for the applet interface and Server side components.

New: Open Source Simulation Tutorial
Click here to see the Three-Part tutorial on how to build and test simulations with KDCalc.

KDCalc Demos:
Check out the KDCalc demos page for a variety of KDCalc demos including simulation, game, and business applications.

Magnesium Demo:
Magnesium adds an unparalleled level of functionality and interactivity to your Flash projects. For a full demo detailing the functions of each Magnesium Component, see our Magnesium product page!

Business Simulation Demo:

Knowledge Dynamics, Inc. teamed with Kellogg Graduate School of Management and Powersim Corp to create: BricksOrClicks.com. BricksOrClicks.com is an exciting online simulation game. The player takes on the role of CEO of a traditional toy manufacturer called ToyBlocks Co., which must confront the challenges of deciding whether or not to launch an online sales channel while managing and maintaining its current traditional sales channels.